Friday, 30 June 2017

Benefits of Touch less Car Washing at South San Francisco

San Bruno car wash is a famous place for touch free car wash service. The reason behind its popularity is the benefits which people get to enjoy here. It touches free car wash service a mixture consisting of a very high pH alkaline soap and a low pH acid is used by the company. The high pH chemical essentially “cooks” the car and the low pH acid then covers the high pH soap, creating a chemical reaction that helps to shake all of the dirt and grime loose without the use of any foam rollers. It is all cleared from the vehicle with high-pressure water. Though it doesn’t seem like a standard car wash, touch-free washes absolutely do the trick.

The benefit of the car wash in South San Francisco is that there is nothing actually touching the vehicle, so if you are concerned about any scratches or any of the rollers damaging your vehicle, you should definitely consider the touch free option. Here we not only provide car washing service but also polishing and dry is also done at reasonable cost. Most of us hesitate to visit car wash because of long queues in which we wait for the turn. But here you will get quick and efficient service.

  Shell car wash San Francisco is offering you various attractive packages which consist attractive services. You can easily get these services at our service centers. Our service centers are located in every corner of your city. These service centers serve you twenty-four-hour a day. So if you want to get back the shine and beauty of your loving cars then without making any delay visit our nearby service centers. We are sure that you will definitely enjoy our best touch less car washing service. For more information visit our website

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