Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Advantage of a Correct Car Wash Method

For those people there is another category of vehicle wash facility in which no water is used at all. It is called the car wash because it uses certain that clean the body of the car in a very good way. Finally we have the auto wash. In this car wash service a strong jet of steam is used for car washing along with special towels made out of micro fibre that are ultra careful on the car. Again for those people who are really concerned about the polish and paint of their car, this automobile wash technique will attract them. Furthermore, no chemicals are used and since the amount of water used in this car wash technique is extremely less it is also quite eco-friendly.

These are the few steps that you should remember before you wash your car:

v  First, make sure you are using quality towels. If your preference is to use towels to clean the wet part and keep them dry and clean.
v  Secondly, when wiping the Waterless Wash formula from the surface of the vehicle, use light strokes to pick up dirt. There is no need to aggressively rub the formula on the car's surface. Always make sure that you do not use harmful chemicals so that it does not affect your vehicle.
v  Lastly, always Rinse the wheels and tires with the hose. Using a sponge, rag, or wheel detailing brushes scrub away the dirt and grime that are covering the wheels. DO NOT use the same sponge or rag that you will use to wash the rest of the car

So, therefore these are the few points that help to keep your cars in a safe way. For more information about car wash and their benefits, Tanforan Shell is the best place that gives the excellent laser wash at affordable price. It is easily available at 24 hours, and there are a lot of services that you can choose. To know more about our website please click here.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Follow the Right Steps for Your Car Wash

When washing your car it's important that things are undertaken in the correct manner and right order, to prevent any potential damage from being inflicted, and to also ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and that nothing is overlooked or missed. If you regularly wash your car yourself, you may already have your own routine that works for you and the needs of your vehicle and this is fine so long as the final outcome is satisfactory, and more importantly, you should always wash your car regularly.

These are the few steps things you should remember while washing your car:

v  The first stage of the car wash process should always be to clean the wheels and wheel arches/wells. This is because they tend to be the dirtiest and most contaminated part of a car and often require some heavy products to clean them properly
v  To begin with, before going anywhere near your car, it makes sense to get all of the products and equipment you will need out and ready for use. Pipes and pressure washers should be connected to the water supply and be sufficiently worn to provide you with enough length to comfortably reach around your vehicle.
v  Wash buckets should filled with shampoo and have grit guards inserted, wash implements/drying towels should be kept at close hand along with any other cleaners, such as wheel cleaners and all purpose cleaners, and any detailing brushes that may be required should be gathered together.

If you follow this complete method using the correct equipment and suitable process then you should be able to easily obtain great quality results in the most efficient manner, without inflicting any damage onto your car. If you are looking for more tips on car wash than tanforan shell will help you get the best car wash. It is easily available for 24 hours, with various kinds of services. To know more about us please click here.