Monday, 30 December 2019

5 things you need to know about the laser wash

Auto car washes are in trend these days all over the world. When researched it was found that the most of the car owners believes that using auto car washes are much safe than any other car washes. Laser car wash is also one among the auto car washes; it is a new technological method that uses the laser methods for cleaning your cars.

There are so many myths and different belief about the wash. But here in this article you will come to know 5 things that most of us doesn’t know about the laser car wash. If you are eager to learn about those 5 things read the blog till end.
5 things you need to know about the laser wash are:
·         The laser car wash uses an automatic and a touch less car washing system. The process is very simple which completes the washes in three very simple steps.
  1.  Soaking of the dirt’s.Spraying of the detergents using the pressurized nozzles and washing it as well using high pressure water and then finally,
  2.   Dry the car automatically using the hot air dryer.
  3.       The whole process is a touch less and so there is no risk for getting your car damaged in any case.
  4.        It is an automatic process that works like an expert. The process is followed without any confusion and very smoothly.
  5.          There is no doubt that the other washes are cheaper than the touch less washes but even after being expensive it is loved by people. Because it uses the latest technologies, saves water as well as consumes our time.

·         Laser car wash is an Eco-friendly the water used for the laser car wash can be collect easily and can be reused.  in San Bruno is famous and has the laser car wash facilities in it. It is a car wash open for 24 hrs of the week and has so many happy customers. Looking for a touchless car wash can visit the site and learn more about here.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

How’s An Auto Car Washes Different from Other Car Wash?

Way back there was no such thing called auto car wash but it is very much in use now. As a car owner we all love the auto car wash due to its specific and the distinctive features. Auto car wash can also be called touch less and automatic car wash. It is not only very different from rest of the washes but also one of the easiest and the fastest car wash of all.
What make an auto car wash different from the rest: -
  1.       One of the most important things that make it stand out in all the washes is its automatic services. The entire car cleaning is performed automatically without any human energy wasted on it.
  2.      .   As I have mentioned it above that it is the most fast and the easiest car wash of all and so it saves a lot of times of yours.  You can get it done in 40 to 45 minutes and perform some other works of your in that time or spend it with your family.
  3.          The price is not too expensive for using auto car washes. You have so many options in auto car washes that you can choose as per as your need and the budget that you can afford.
  4.         Its active ingredients: it uses the Top quality car wash/wax products generally those that contains an active ingredient.
  5.          An auto car wash gives the car a complete car wash to your car and it stays for a longer time period. After the wash you don’t need a wash at least for a week or so it gives a long lasting shine to the cars.

Get your car auto washed next time because now you know what makes it different of all the other washes as well as the benefits of an automatic car wash. Shell car wash of San Bruno is a best auto car wash log into to know more about us.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Auto Car wash in winter: what everyone is supposed to know

The cold weather can cause damage to our cars while washing the cars. But car wash is essential even in the winter. Cars washed in the winter are found very hard to dry sometime because of the cold weather. What one must do in that case is get an auto car wash, auto car wash is the best and the easiest way of getting the car wash. It is also easy to get it in the winter you will find it easy to get your car dried up easily.
How does auto car wash works in winter: there is nothing special in the touch-less car wash no matter what the weather is. So it is with the winter but only difference that the touch-less wash makes is the hot air dryer that dries the water after the car wash. It doesn’t mean that the touch-less car wash have the hot drying facilities only in winter but it is in every season. But because the winter season makes it hard for the cars to dry fast but it is possible through the auto car wash.
Touch-less car wash is known as the best car wash of our new generations, it is so because the new technological wash that washes the car without touching the car’s body. The wash gives an auto wash as well as the water droplets are not dried up using the towel but the auto dryer. In the winter the car drying becomes hard but it is easy when we get an auto car wash.
I personally love the auto car washes and have found it cheaper as compare to the services provided in the auto washes. Every car owner must visit the touch less and the auto car washes for their car's safety and a long lasting shine together with saving so much of their time. So getting an auto car wash in winter is the wise thing. Log into to learn more about the types of auto washes you can have in auto car washes in San Bruno.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

How Auto Car Was Can Saves You Time and Money

Auto car wash is one of the latest technological methods for cleaning the cars these days. It can save your time and the money with the right and the best auto car wash service. If you are in real love with your car and want it to look the same as you have bought than friends Auto Car Wash will help.Cars, especially the ones that are used every day, can collect lots of dust, mud, bugs, tree sap, and dirt. Cleaning off such tough dusty car will generally demands lots of time and effort and the use of commercial cleaning solutions. In this case the Auto Wash will be the wise to take.It will save your time and you can do something else at that saved times of yours. They are not only time consuming but are not expensive as well. It is safe for the cars, for everything is performed through using the machines or the robots.How can an Auto Car Wash save you time: - As I mentioned it above itself that it consumes your time because every auto washes you chose for your car will provide you the best service. It takes not more than 40 minutes or so to clean the cars completely. The price is supposed to be in-accordance to your area that you stay in, which means they won’t cost you so much. Get Auto Wash; the service will leave you satisfied and will recover your money back by the long lasting shine.San Bruno’s Auto Car Wash the Shell Car wash is one of the best car washing services that I will recommend everyone who is looking for an auto car wash services in San Bruno. Visit to learn more about us. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The Most Important Things you need to know about an Auto Car Wash

Auto car wash is the easiest way for cleaning the cars but on the other hand it requires so much of care. Read on to learn about the most important things that are required to be taken care of in Auto car wash. 

Car wash business can be considered the most profitable business and an easy to be managed too. There is no chance in the business to loss but it is profitable in so many ways. All you need is to take care of few things such are:
  •          Use the machines and the tools that are practically free of maintenance. They must be able to offer the best of washes that are gentle on the car but tough of dirt and grime.
  •        Always use the environment friendly products for car cleaning. Because in most cases people choose the wash that has the Tag of Eco- friendly car wash together with touch free wash.

How to choose the best car wash for yourself: -
  1. .       For that you will need the internet or someone who knows an auto car wash near you. Get the best car wash near your home and don’t forget to learn about the customers reviews on that particular car wash. As soon as you are done with it, get to the wash for your car cleaning.  
  2. .       In the case you find a touch free car wash nearby and go for the car wash there can be risk of getting your car damaged. So it is always a wise thing to do learn as much as you can about the particular wash you are to visit.

Need a touch less wash for your car in San Bruno I must say do visit shell car wash once, and believe me you won’t be disappointed of your choice. The services provided here will make your car amazingly new and shiny without any damage to your car and its paints. Visit to learn more about us.