Monday, 24 December 2018

Different Types of Auto Car Wash

Earlier, it was a piece of sponge and towels in one hand and the bucket full of soapy water in the other. People didn’t wash their cars because of many reasons like some people have a super busy schedule and some people had no place to wash their cars but Today, the scene has changed completely where automated machines take up the work of car wash and leave the car efficiently cleaned and polished. Now, Auto car wash system makes the car washing much easier and faster.

There are five types of Auto car wash.
Mechanized Car Wash: The automatic system using conveyors into operation. customers drove in the tunnel like bays which were controlled by the tunnel controller.

Contemporary Car wash: In this system, they use tire sensor and several rollers to make a certain position of the wheels. The rollers work to push the car through instead of manually doing it.

Automation: The automatic system includes arches for pre-soaking purposes. Special liquids are used for tires and wheels to eliminate greasy dirt from those places. The tires and wheels are scrubbed with brushes, which are located very low to work on the specific area.

Touch-free Car Wash: The touch-less car wash is one where you drive your vehicle into a bay and from there onto a conveyor belt. Once there your automobile is moved through the process involved in the washing system.

Laser Car Wash: Laser car wash is the waterless technology which uses laser technology to wash your car. It is a more effective technique than other touch-less car washing techniques because it removes more dirt from the car surface

These all are the types of auto car wash but the touch-free wash and laser car wash are best because Both of these Auto car wash systems are very advanced and won’t damage your vehicle. For best touch-free wash and laser car wash please visit Tanforan Shell car wash in San Bruno. To know more about auto car wash then, click here

Monday, 17 December 2018

Advanced Car wash in San Bruno

Auto car wash system is becoming famous day by day. It makes car washing much faster and easier. In an auto car wash system, the giant cloth brushes that spin around your car to give it a good rubbing. These giant brushes work great and are gentler on your car. An auto car wash is great if you are in a hurry or have no other place to clean your car. Professional detailers know that it takes a lot of care to bring out the best in your car. They also suggest you using auto car wash only.

Because of water regulations, many auto car washes are recycling water and this recycled water has been used to clean other cars. Car owners can also contribute towards saving the environment by taking the time to wash their cars at auto car wash station rather than at home. With the right product, car washing can use zero amount of water.

San Bruno auto wash is fully automatic because the whole process is done by the robot. So, the robot plays an important role in this auto wash system. For a truly cleansing experience, an auto wash is the best option.

Not every car wash is exactly the same. Professional washes for Cars are divided into three different categories. These categories include self-serve, touch-less automatic and friction automation. Once you gain a better understanding of each type, then you will know which one is best suited to your needs.

Self serves- The self-serve car wash is one where all of the tools you need to get your car clean is right before you and available to be used.

Touchless automatic- The touch-less automatic car wash is one where you drive your vehicle into a bay and from there onto a conveyor belt. To know more about the click here  
touchless car wash,

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Great Benefits of Water less Car Wash

The waterless means of cleaning is very quick and easy to use and is much more efficient and safe for the environment. It does not waste a large amount of valuable water and no water goes behind the rainstorm drain to spoil our waterway. Waterless Car Wash in South San Francisco is a new eco-friendly and green product resultant from years of research and improvement. It is formulated with professional gloss-enhancing polymers, valid carnauba wax along with twenty major active ingredients to provide the vehicle with an instant burst of shine and slickness.  

How does touchless car wash work these are as follow:-

  • Waterless Car Wash prevents tiny feather scratches from stirring by protective the finish while the dirt is still on it.
  • Kind buff with a second microfiber towel leaves behind a flawless shop shine and protection. Other products leave swirl marks but Waterless Car Wash cleans without scratching the surface.
  • The soiled cleaning towels do contain the oils, dirt and grime removed from the surface of the vehicle. However, when washed properly in the washing machine, these contaminants are firstly filtered by the washing machine and safely flushed into the sanitary system, where it is correctly filtered and processed.
  •  This is a huge difference from straight flushing it down the rainstorm drain and into the waterways. If you are searching for car wash services or place then San Francisco car wash the best place for you.

Tanforan Shell Car Wash is the famous car wash company in the world mainly in South San Francisco where you can get all types of car washing services. They provide you professional car wash services 24 hours. They have different types of car wash packages like platinum, gold, express etc. To know more about us please click here.