Monday, 29 April 2019

Folklore About Auto Car Washes: Are They Actually True?

Are you confused too of the traditional stories about auto car washes? There are so many myths people have made about touchless and auto car washes. But have you ever thought they are wrong in actual? I will tell you some of the facts about some of the most common myths.
Your car can be damaged: - Auto car washes can leave your car with so many scratches on it. But unless you are using the right products for your car wash there can’t be any single damage done to your car.

It is not good for the environment: - this is the most common myths we are confused about and for sure conscious about. But it is not like that, yes there are chemicals used for it but after all, it is safe for the environment than a hand car wash. As it saves water, saves the area clean as washing your car with detergent and water in your driveway is far more damaging to the planet since all of that soapy water, will eventually drain into wetland areas.

Expensive than washing your car with water and soap: - it is not like that but some people think it is cheaper to wash the car with water and dish soap and wax it with traditional car wax, but this is not true at all. By using auto wash you save water bill as well as tons of money on car care products since you won't have to invest in a bucketful of polishes, waxes, and sponges to keep your car looking immaculate. 

Compared to traditional car wax, touchless car washes are far easier to apply to your car because they don’t need so much effort as well as time. To know more click here

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Auto Car Wash Best Service in San Francisco

It's always nice when you use a service and actually have good customer service experience. Washing our car was once done by ourselves but today San Francisco has developed so much and we are running through busy schedules so we can’t effort hand car wash for what we take our car for an auto car wash. You have spent so much to get your precious car and if you love your car for sure you want it to look amazing and perfect.
Most often, when you visit a car wash, you're left holding your breath until the car comes out so that you can check if your car is safe and no damage has been done to it. It is always good to learn about the service provided beforehand. Here this article will tell you about a car touchless wash near San Francisco International Airport. If you are new here and looking for an auto car wash Tanforan shell car wash can help your car look amazing that your car will be admired by everyone, everywhere you go in your car.
Car wash in San Francisco: -  Area is known to you, you are aware of the auto car wash gadget and its services. But what if you are in an area such as nearby an airport. It is for sure if you go for the wash here you will be charged more than your budget.
But Tanforan shell car wash is located across from Tanforan shopping center, close to SFO airport. You will get a satisfying result and a good customer service experience. And the biggest thing is that you will be charged in according to your budget. There are three types of car washes provided with different prices and all the three promises you a satisfactory result. To learn more about us click here

Monday, 15 April 2019

Advance Technology of Touchless Car Wash

Car washing is one of those indispensable tasks that every car owner has to carry out on a regular basis. Touchless car wash is in trend today. However, cars, especially the ones that are exposed to the elements every day, can collect lots of dust, mud, bugs, tree sap, and dirt. In order to maintain its look, we need to wash the car.
In today’s world, almost everyone believes in environment-friendly works. This must be involved in our car wash as well we must keep in mind while cleaning our car, we must save natural resources.

Touchless car wash saves water: Today when many countries are facing water shortages and droughts, many car cleaning companies are coming out with these so-called waterless washes, which are a liquid chemical sprayed directly onto your vehicle and wiped off removing dirt at the same time, without using any water. Water is the most important need of all living beings and touchless wash helps to save water.

Advantage: Advantage of touchless car wash is that, if we self clean our car it is quite possible we might make our car appearance dull as well as there can be scratches on it. But touchless or semi-touchless cloth or brush methods as well as foam and high-pressure spray can prevent these damages.
A hand wash can be very labor intensive and can leave muscles tired and aching. Also, the time involved can vary with the type of cleaning service provided.

An automatic car wash is a time-saving alternative to a full hand washing service. Many people are starting to favor the automatic services for a variety of reasons, as it carefully cleans all areas of a car to ensure a consistent clean is provided every time.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Wash the Car in Winter through auto wash.

Today almost everyone has their own car and all of them goes for their car wash .What we are going to talk on here today is the solution to auto car wash in the icy countries. As we know auto car wash also known as touchless car wash is a process of washing a car without touching the car. New technology of auto car wash is in trend today and so many people go for it these days.

 But what if it’s so cold like in some countries where the temperature is too low that liquid gets freezes. We can’t clean our car at so low temperature, properly. What will you do now? Sometime even the best and seasoned cold weather car washes may have difficulty washing vehicles in extremely cold weather. Vehicles that visit professional facilities during freezing weather have vehicle surfaces that are so cold, the cleanings soaps and foams freeze on contact.

 Now in this condition what we can do to prevent it and clean our car without any difficulty while cleaning, brush off all snow from the vehicle prior to entering a wash all that wonderful snow that's on your vehicle, and unnecessarily diluting the cleaning concentration of the soaps. This will greatly increase the value and quality of your wash!

 Now to make it more easier try to keep the door opened as soon as it starts freezing and wash your car, without the difficulty even in the cold and icy condition.

Remember these tips to ensure your wash is optimized during cold weather and you have a safe experience even in icy conditions. The best car washes can still be obtained during cold weather with a little forethought. To know more about it log in to

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Using Auto Car wash Technology is Beneficial

WHAT EXACTLY IS IT: - Our generation is really fast as well as getting developed a lot. So much we have grown the less time we have. The car is one of the basic things that are in use by people nowadays. Almost all of us would definitely like to maintain and make it look bright, new and clean whenever we ride it. Technology is so developed today that we just need a few hours to get our work done just by touch-free car wash process.

It is really good and faster than washing our car by ourselves, the benefits of the auto car wash are that it saves our time as well as the water that we waste doing the work our self.  We can easily get the work done and does some other work after that.

Hand washed car system does not only wastes our time but also using brushes and other utensils may damage the cars, the auto car wash is safe. as they just use high-pressure water jets and detergents to clean the car – without physically touching the car Auto car washes save water, reduce groundwater pollution, preserve your car's paint and finish, and help to retain the resale value of your vehicle.

 Affordable: Going out and getting your car washed is believed to be so costly while it is not  Till a few years back, many people believed that auto car wash was a costly affair. But, in reality, auto car wash is a more economical option compared to the manual car wash.

So for your amazing looking car prefer auto wash rather than doing it yourself and save your precious time as well as keep yourself safe of the chemicals used in the detergents used for the cleaning of cars to know more visit