Thursday, 27 June 2019

Touchless Car Wash Is Highly Recommended To Keep Your Car Look Amazing.

Touchless car wash is highly recommended for your amazing looking car to maintain its shine. It can prevent your car from micro scratching occurred while traditional car washing.  Your car can be damaged because of the detergents used by you to wash your car. If you have a car for sure you have spent a lot on it and you would like maintaining its looks good for a long time. So for that, it is very important to go for a car wash and that too the best once.
Are you in San Bruno? Just go for the shell car washes in San Bruno and get your car cleaned at an affordable price and according to your financial statement. It is true that the auto washes are not cheap but it is not all the way true that it will cost you so much. There are so many with low cost available.
Shell car wash in San Bruno has three washes for you and all are better and gives your car an amazing look after all.  San Francisco car wash does the same thing you can go and get your car cleaned from here the next time. Your car is washed with care over here and we highly insure about taking care of your car and it is our responsibility.

Touchless car wash is eco-friendly and helps to control environmental pollution. There are so many other benefits of auto car wash and the touchless car wash such as  - they save our time and do the car cleaning in a few minutes. They save water thus we say it's eco- friendly. Shell wash provides you a wash code valid for the next thirty days so you can visit us anytime you feel free we are happy to serve . to know more about our service click here.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Shell car wash: helps in bringing relief to the children & families.

How about if you can be a helping hand for someone in need. Can you think you can do it so by getting auto car wash from shell car wash it will provide support to poverty-stricken children? We are in partnership with MOMS AGAINST POVERTY which is an organization dedicated for the needy and orphanages. Here the children are supported and helped in developing their condition.
What is it to do with the car wash? So many of you would be thinking about what it is to do with orphanages in the car wash. Then let me tell you Tanforan shell car wash’s 10 % income goes to these orphanages and if you come here to get your car washed you can be a great help for those needy families and children. You will be happy with the car washed and we will be able to help those kids get the bright future.
We are thinking about building schools and orphanages and provide education to every kid so that they get their rights and be who they can in the future. Our goal is to empower impoverished children by providing them with the tools they need to reach their highest potential, leading them to a long-term self-sufficiency and sustainability.
If you need a car wash to get it done from shell wash and your one wash from here can help many of those kids without family get their dream come true. We do have another humanitarian project under us that we contribute by our alliance with
Getting a car washed will make you happy but you will be pleased to know that you have used your money for yourself very wisely. Shell car wash is having so many happy customers. To learn more about us log into

Monday, 17 June 2019

Free car wash on your birthday: shell car wash in San Bruno

We believe in making our customers feel special and giving the best car washing service we transform their day into a beautiful day. Everyone wants their birthday to be memorable and the best day of the year. Shell car wash in San Bruno wants to present you a clean car as your birthday gift. Come in getting a free birthday car wash.
Shell car wash gives laser car wash, auto car wash to its customers and that too in according to their budget. We have three different types of car washes available for different prices and all are better services. You are going to have a better customer service experience over here after we are done with your car washed. So now you don’t have to wait for your friends and family to surprise you and make your birthday special Tanforan shell will help to make it special for you.
My advice for you is that, when it’s getting close to your birthday, call us at 650-589-7058 to see what offers we have and get it like your birthday gift. We are happy to serve you and make your birthday more special with a fresh ride in your cleaned car with your family and friends. Shine among your loved once and make your day memorable.

Tanforan shell believes in humanitarian projects as well and this is why we have raised over $300k for orphanages and some other humanitarian projects. So it will be a blessing for you as well because your one wash can help someone who needs help. We have fuel for the chance (FFC), for humanitarian projects ranging from orphanage and disaster relief missions, medical and rehabilitation services, to wilderness and nature education programs. To know more about FFC mission click here

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Laser car wash at Tanforan shell and its benefits

Laser car wash is an advanced technology to get your car cleaned fast and easily. To make life more comfortable most people these days have their own vehicles and if we have one then maintaining the vehicles look is our responsibility too. Touchless car wash is considered the easiest way of cleaning the car. Are you aware of the laser car wash; it is an advanced technology that uses laser technology to wash your car.
 Benefits of laser wash: it is a touchless car wash but is more effective than all the other washes as it consumes very less time of yours to wash your car. You can get a good new looking car in few second and at the cheapest price because laser car wash uses very few chemicals to clean your car. Besides these there is no risk of damaging your car of scratches, water spots, there are no brushes used in laser car wash so there’s no risk of brushes rub and all. You can have your car washed at laser wash and be assured that it won’t be damaged in one or the other way. The high-pressure laser-wash, spot free rinse, and triple foaming polish leave you with a sparkling car. There are nozzles designed in such a way that provides maximum coverage and the high-pressure cleaning technology ensures that the cleaning is superior to other car washes.

Laser wash is considered to be eco-friendly as there are almost no chemicals used while washing the car.   It is also a very unique way of cleaning the car you can also enjoy the car wash sitting inside the car and watch it being cleaned. It’s a perfectly safe and easy way to clean a car. To learn more about the laser car wash log into

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Tanforan shell the best car wash service provider at San Francisco.

Are you in San Francisco? Don’t know where to go for the car wash visit Tanforan shell the best car wash service provider in San Francisco. Car wash these days are normal we all have a car if we are living in a modern city or a country. If we use a car it is our duty to look after it and maintain it as if it is new because driving a dirty car will make you lose your impression in between people around you.
Why is shell the best car wash? - it is so because you can get your car washed according to your budget here we have three different types of the car washed and all of them are at the best price with a better service.
Types of car washes provided and what are its services: - the services provided in shell are according to the prices and types of washes.
1 -platinum car wash: - It is expensive and we provide 2 foam baths, high-pressure wash, triple foam polish, high-pressure clear coat protectant, flash dry with spot free rinse and all we power blow to dry your car.
2-Gold car wash:-it is expensive but not as the platinum car wash in it you will be provided 2 foam wash, high-pressure wash, triple foam polish, high-pressure clear coat protectant, spot free rinse and after all, we use power dry and dry your car.
3-Express car wash:-this is the cheapest wash and we provide 2 foam baths, high-pressure wash and then we do spot free rinse and finally, power blow dries your car.
All the three car wash is done with better service, to know more about shell contact us and click here.