Monday, 29 July 2019

Auto washes San Bruno: 4 things to avoid while washing the car

Do you want to know the secret to maintain your look great and amazing for a long time? There are a few secrets to wash your car that will not damage your paint. Let me help you with the secrets of San Bruno auto wash that they avoid while washing the cars.
Ø  Never wash the car in direct sunlight: - washing your car under direct sunlight is the greatest mistake and can have a dangerous effect on your car’s paint. Each water droplet acts as a magnifying glass.
Ø  Using the same foam for both the upper and the lower parts of the car: - using same mitts must be avoided if you use it same for both the upper and lower part of the car or you might end up with deep scratches on your car’s finish.
Ø  Air dry must be avoided: - if you are getting the car auto washed they won’t air dry it’s guaranteed but if you do it yourself never air dry it to maintain your car’s look.

Just get it washed and go out for a ride: - as soon as you get your car washed, get it waxed for your car’s protection and security.
Shell car wash in San Bruno is an auto wash provider that provides different touchless washes that give the car a new look after wash. Here you get better service at
less and affordable price.
If you want to keep your car new and maintain avoiding the above things will reward you with a finish that will be shiny and free of damage for a long time. Get your car auto washed today and have a fresh ride. To know more about us log into

Monday, 22 July 2019

Five Advantages of waterless wash: car wash in South San Francisco

When you are in a rush to somewhere and want to get a car wash in that case off course you don’t want to waste so much of your time waxing and cleaning your car. Here waterless wash will help you so much and get you a fresh clean car in a few minutes. Waterless car wash of South San Francisco is the best way to get a clean fresh ride in your car without wasting so much of your time.
Advantages of waterless car washes:-
  • Saves water – By the name itself it is clear it’s a wash done without water so you help saving water.
  • Risk-free wash – the wash protects your car and gives your car a new look without any harm.
  • Eco- friendly- the wash is environment-friendly you don’t waste water, there are no chemicals used to remove the dirt and so you save the environment from harmful chemicals. Altogether waterless wash is the best way for washing your car as you save time, you can save water and also get your car cleaned without harming the environment.

  • Cheaper as compared to other washes – what do you accept more when you get the best service for a less price? The waterless wash uses just three simple steps to clean your car and there are no chemicals and water used so it cost you less as compared to all the other auto washes.

Waterless washes of South San Francisco: - shell car wash in San Francisco gives waterless washes at a best price. It’s safe and you don’t get unwanted scratches. Now you are aware of the benefits of waterless wash get your car to the best car wash in San Francisco and get it cleaned. To know more about our service visit us at  

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Choose smart auto car wash to reduce pollution

How auto wash can be better for the environment, this is what you might be thinking about right now isn’t it? but trust me your one step can help the environment a lot, get your car for auto wash rather than doing it at home and polluting your surrounding and harming the environment. You can save water by getting auto wash; you just need to hit up the local car wash. Not only that time is precious and who don’t want to save some time of theirs and spend it with their loved one. The auto wash will take just a few minutes; compared to doing it yourself so you can get your car washed in about 30 to 40 minutes and be free.
The shell car wash in San Bruno knows the importance of your time and so here you will be provided the wash in time. Here we also use good solutions and chemicals for your car so there’s no damage to your cars paints. The solutions are also eco- friendly keeping in mind that the environment is not polluted. Now that everything is so clear about the services provided for your car is safe for your car as well as the environment, let’s come to the prices San Bruno auto wash charges according to your budget it’s not too high as compared to so many other car washes of san Bruno.
Shell wash is also there in South San Francisco and we also give waterless wash which is one of the best and smart car wash. By the name itself, it’s clear that the water is not used at all and so this wash will be really helpful for the environment. To know more about our eco-friendly car wash services visit us at   

Monday, 15 July 2019

There are hundreds of car washes but which one is the best? Is it Auto, touchless car wash the right answers?

Yes, the answer is auto, touchless washes. When it comes to car wash there are so many options we can get our car washed but let’s know which one is good and safe for our car. Auto and the touchless washes will be safer, easier and faster. We all the car lovers love to have a shiny new car and want to maintain our car’s look for a long time. 

Why auto and touchless car washes:- maintaining your car for a long time will help you to resale it without dropping its prices because even the second-hand cars are bought when it looks fantastic and these is possible only when you give care to the car.                                                                               Touchless car washes are helpful it helps you to keep the car damage free and there are almost no risks of getting your car’s paint dull or to have scratches left behind after the washes. It saves you time and helps your car maintain its look.
 It is a proven fact that cars that receive routine car washes will last longer:- there nothing to doubt about this line it is true the car’s that gets washes once in two weeks or routine will last shiner and will look amazing as compared to the one that gets irregular or almost no washes.  So it is good to get your car cleaned as soon as you feel it requires wash or once in two weeks.
Shell car wash of San Francisco and San Bruno gives auto and touchless washes of different kinds at the best price and with the better services. You are going to get better than new deep and wet looking shine to your car. To learn more about our services visit us at

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Shell car wash: Use Auto Car Wash and Support Keeping the Environment Clean

Using an auto car wash will be really helpful in keeping the environment clean. When you get auto wash you help preserve the environment. Shell car wash provides an auto car wash which is a way of cleaning your car without wasting so much water as well your time. The water used goes underground and which saves the area around from being polluted and here we use the chemicals that are eco-friendly and don’t harm the environment.
So whenever you use automatic car washes you saw your perception towards protecting the surroundings. Auto car wash is not all about being conscious about your surroundings it is also good for your car on which you have spent so much and for what you would always want to maintain its look. It will do that auto wash helps to protect your car’s paint and helps to keep hold of the resale value up of your car. It helps you maintain car look to last for a long time as well as auto washes have almost no risk to damage the car’s look or make it look dull.

Environmental reasons to use auto washes for cleaning your car: - auto car wash saves water while cleaning your car as compared to other washes. So many auto washes reuse the water and so I personally think that using automatic car wash is our one step towards helping our surroundings.
Shell car wash gives touchless washes, auto wash, laser wash and more washes that will clean your car without touching it and at a very affordable price and all of them are the best you will be happy of the car wash service of shell wash. To learn more about our auto car wash visit us at

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Auto Car Wash in South San Francisco: Different Than Others

There are so many ways of getting your car auto washed. They are a touchless car wash, waterless car wash, laser car wash and many more. Let me tell you about shell car wash in San Francisco’s services how it differs from all the others is washed here. We give touch-free wash over here that means we use no brushes its touchless wash. All the cleaning part is done through using a sensor which sees the dirt’s and gives it an effective wash. Shell washes provide you three different washes with different prices and all of them are reasonably priced, you can pay very easily.
What are the washes provided at shell wash: - at shell wash, you will get laser wash that is 24 hrs open. A laser was is much more effective than all the other forms of washes and it is the car wash that uses laser technologies to clean your car. It’s done very quickly, it’s large and appealing. After wash, we have several drying options. It is a touchless wash type and is good for your car because all the dirt’s are removed from your car without touching it, so there is almost no risk of getting your damaged in any kind. All together you are to get the best car wash service from here  
How we differ from other: shell car wash provides you the washes in very reasonable price and you have an option over here we give three different washes they are: platinum car wash, gold car wash, and express car wash to know more about them in details you can check for it in the websites provided below.
Get your car cleaned from shell car wash, to know more about our service visit us at

Monday, 1 July 2019

Get your car cleaned without touching it: go for an auto wash

When it comes to a car wash; so many of us still believe that it yourself is protective while we forget that in actuality we are harming it. Cleaning it yourself is good but do you know the detergent we use are not good and there are so many brands out in the market saying they are cheap and good but in actuality, they are not. While we are developing very fast why not try the new technologist new ways of cleaning your car. Get your car washed today with touchless wash; shell car wash in San Bruno gives you an auto car wash.
Touchless car washes use chemicals to remove all the dirt’s out of your car and the high-pressure water spray removes dirt’s much fast and easily. Which is not possible for you to do it yourself at home and even if you do get something nearby you are going to waste a lot of time together with water so it’s not a good idea. I would always ask you if you love and care for your car to go for an auto wash. Auto wash is not only an easier way but its faster and there are almost no chances of damaging your car’s look.

Auto wash is faster and saves you so much of your time, saves water as compared to a hand car wash. There are so many touchless washes and all of them charges differently and off-course it matters where you stay so don’t be confused that the auto washes cost much. It is not all true there are some you can find according to your budget. Shell car wash gives three different washes for different prices . to learn more about touchless car washes click here.