Friday, 29 November 2019

How to avoid scratches while washing the car

Washing a car isn’t something everyone can do. There is a need of proper awareness and care for washing the car. If you are a car owner then you must be better known how important it is to be careful with your car. So let’s see what we can do as a car owner to protect our car from the scratches while washing the car.

Auto car wash is the best solution if you are so used to your car. Or else there is water-less car wash and the laser car wash as well. That will do well in washing your car. But I will prefer auto car wash as per my experience. Auto car wash is not only safe but is easily available in the washes.
Now, so many of us will say then why not laser car wash? It is also an automatic car washing process; let me help you with the difference between. Auto car washes are cheaper as compared to laser wash, but it does depend on your need. Get laser wash if you feel your car is in very bad condition it will be a wise choice.  
A little care and little love can make so much of difference
Whenever it comes to something very precious we all get very careful about its protection. So for a safe car wash you truly need so much care and protection to save it from scratches. Get an auto car wash from your nearest automatic washes.
If you are a native from San Bruno or San Francisco I will recommend you to visit shell car wash as per as my own service experience.  It is one of the best auto car wash in San Bruno that provides auto washes for different price. Visit to learn more about the car wash services here.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Facilities provided Under Platinum Car Wash at San Bruno

Getting a perfect car wash is a must if you are paying for it. We all love that brilliant shine of a new car in the dealer's showroom or at an auto car washes. There are hundreds of car care products and treatments available. But the question is which wash will be good and the perfect one for your car. According to my perception, I would prefer auto washes, which is not only perfect but also the safest one.

There are two types of washes that fall under auto car washes that you can get for your car. Such is the Laser car wash and Automatic car wash. Laser car wash is a new technological way to clean the car that uses laser technology to wash the car. Whereas the automatic wash is given without the help of any human support. Everything in an auto car wash is performed through the machines.
Shell car wash is an auto car washes supplying wash in San Bruno that provides three different washes for different prices. Platinum car wash is one out of those washes. Read on to learn about the services under platinum washes.
  •          1st foam bath
  •         2nd foam bath
  •          High-pressure wash
  •          Complete surface cleaning
  •          Triple foam polish
  •          High-pressure clear coat protectant
  •           Flash dry with spot-free Rinse
  •          NEW extreme SHINE Wax
  •          Power Blow Dry

As soon as you choose the platinum washes you get the above services that leave your car with an amazing shiny car. The NEW extreme SHINE the wax will give your car a better than new deep and wet-looking shine. Platinum wash will give your car the best shine possible and also the maximum protection available. If you visit the shell car wash next time whether in San Bruno or in San Francisco, don’t forget to get the platinum wash. Click here to learn more about the different washes and their prices at shell car washes. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Touch less car wash during water insufficiency

We all are familiar with the water scarcity all over the world these days. Water limitations have already begun to take hold in many parts of the country. In this condition washing your car of your own with water will not be a wise thing to do. Especially in a country like US (San Bruno) where you can clearly see the areas affected by a drier than normal winter. In that case touch less car wash will help you get a shiny car in within few minutes without wasting so much of waters.
Get a touch less car wash and save the water: touch less or an auto car wash is in trend in San Bruno these days. People know the value of their time as well as the water and I find auto wash the prudent methods of getting the car washed.
Auto car wash is a method of cleaning the cars without touching the cars physically. In it the washes use very less amounts of water and in some washes the water is reused. Reusing the water saves the wastage of it. This doesn’t only save the water but because the process hardly takes 30 to 40 minutes, it helps you save your time too.
Because the auto washes are given without touching your car’s body it gives a safe wash. You don’t get your car physically damage of the swirls and scratches.  
So where to get your car auto washed in San Bruno: you can find it easily from the internet if you are new in here. Or else visit the shell car washes in San Bruno which it a touch free washes that provides a better service for the less amount. You may also like to visit us at to learn more about the washes and the different prices of different car washes.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

How to choose a car wash supplies?

If you wash your car on a regular basis, it is very important to choose car wash provisions from a trusted manufacturer. It is really important to look after your car and for that you need to be very careful about the supplies you are using for cleaning your car. Here let’s see what are the types of  equipment's we can use for the car wash in San Francisco?

Why is it important to choose a good car washing equipment?
It is so because, a bad quality supplies can cause scratches and damage your car and so every car owners must have to take extreme care not to scratch the paint. By scratches we don’t mean the bigger once but also the fine scratch marks and swirl marks are the ones to watch out for which can cause your car to look old and may cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. So it is very important to make sure that; the car washes give your car awash with good car wash supplies.
How to choose a car wash supplies in San Francisco?
Don’t go for the cheap once neither for the once that will cost you so much. You will find so many car washing products in the market but these products are ones that will do more harm than good. So be wise and look for the once with less chemicals so the dust and the stains are washed off, but the clear coating of the wax is protected. There are so many products like soap, wax and other products which can protect the car as well as give it a polished look.
Get your car washed from shell car wash both in San Bruno and San Francisco an auto car washes visit to learn more about an auto car wash.