Sunday, 29 September 2019

How to get your car washed automatically in four easy steps

Washing the car is not an easy task to do but it is not that hard as well if you are aware of the four easy and the right way to wash car properly. Car washes are of different kind and all of them are special in their own forms. In this article I will tell you four easy steps for automatic car wash. Washing car in the automatic washes will make your car washing more efficient and less time consuming as possible. If you want to save your time as well as get a proper car wash you need to get it auto wash.
Step 1: find a best auto car washes
The first part of automatic car wash is to find a suitable car wash for yourself near you. Check the budget and the products for washing car. If you feel it is perfect wash get into the garage and your car will be taken inside for the wash. 
Step 2: wash car with high pressure water
the next step in auto car wash is to wash the dirt’s particle off the car using high pressure wash. This helps the car loosen its dust particles and make it easy to clean the car automatically.

Step 3: give it a foam wash and dry the car
The next step is to get it washed with the foam to make the car shiny and rinse it off using pressure wash. As soon as you car is cleaned up fully. Next thing is to get the water droplets dried up. Your car is washed completely. An important thing to remember while washing your car is to never allow it to dry between steps. Only on the last part should the car be allowed to dry.

Step 4: get it wax
Car waxing is must to keep the shine stay for a long time.

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Sunday, 22 September 2019

How to avoid your car from scratches? Auto wash san Bruno

If you want to get your car wash, it is very important to choose car washes that supply a trusted manufacturer. There are several cheap products sold in the market. These products are ones that will do more harm than good. So whenever you take your car for the automatic wash make sure you go for touch-free washes that your car will be safe from scratches and damage.  To know more how to avoid scratches read the article here are a few steps to follow:

Avoid the washes that doesn’t have branded or good products for cleaning the cars: the bad products for cleaning cars will not only get big scratches to it but also fine scratch marks, swirl marks, and webbing  which can cause your car to look old and may cost you hundreds of dollar to repair it. So it is better to avoid such products and save your car from scratches.
Avoid washing it yourself:   I am not against washing cars at home or something just makes sure you wash it only if you know the right product for your car or it is wise to go for an auto cleaning.
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Monday, 16 September 2019

Protect Your Car with High Quality San Bruno Car Wash

People that wash their cars themselves have to take extreme care not to scratch the paint. It is not only big scratches to worry about but the fine scratch marks, swirl marks, and webbing are the ones to watch out for which can cause your car to look old and may cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. If you are going to wash your car then you need to be careful about the safety of the paint. You need to the car wash as auto car wash in South San Francisco does.

Some experts say that these scratches are made because of using hard cloth and some believe that even the finer and softer sponges used can cause these scratches. But what people don't know is that car wash used is a big reason why these scratches are made. Scratches on the surface of car ruin the whole look of your vehicle.
To protect the paint of your car, you need to find a suitable method like touchless car washing. It is one of the greatest methods of car cleaning. The best thing about the method is that it doesn’t affect the paint of your car. In touchless car washing, everything is done with the help of automatic machines. Nothing comes into the contact of car surface and avoids any scratches.
A car paint job can cost you thousands of dollars. If you own an expensive automobile, it is very important that you take extra care of the paint and exterior of your car just like you take care of the engine and other mechanics. It is possible with by hiring a good professional car washing services. San Bruno car wash is very best way to protect car paint.
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Saturday, 14 September 2019

How to Wash Your Car Correctly?

If you are a car enthusiast, you will not mind spending more time washing your car to make sure that your car always looks excellent. But if you have limited time then you need a quick and fast method of car washing like touch-free car wash in South San Francisco There are many ways to wash a car be it manually which will take more time or you can use the short-cuts such as coin-operated carwashes. Those short-cuts can actually damage your car body paint or make the finish gloomy due to the usage of "unfriendly" chemicals and recycled water.

Another important aspect to ensure that you get an excellent car wash is the use of the right tools and materials. Do not use brushes because there is a high possibility that the body paint will get scratched. Also, do not use dishwashing detergent because the detergent can remove the wax that is currently protecting the car body paint.

Apart from the above, you should not use old sponge or rag because they already accumulate dirt or particles from the previous washes.

You do not have to source for expensive materials to wash your car because the most recommended materials for a perfect car wash are just a bucket of soapy water and a lamb's wool mitt.

The touch less car wash in San Bruno is very famous. It is a very advanced and safe method of car washing. It saves you time and money. In touchless car washing, you don’t need to search for a bucket, soap, cloth etc for car cleaning.

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Monday, 2 September 2019

4 Myths about automatic car wash that have been proved wrong

Have you ever tried an auto car wash? If not you must try it once it is very easy to apply as well as takes less time to get you a car cleaned and shiny as new.  Automatic wash not only saves you time but also saves money. There are so many myths and rumors about auto wash that distract people from getting their car auto wash. But here let me help you with the 4 most famous rumor that isn’t true at all is proved wrong.

1: - it leaves scratches back on car: getting your car auto washed will leave your car with scratches which are not true at all as long as you use the right product for your car. You may end up with scratches if there are wrong products used for cleaning your car so make sure that the product used for washing your car is of good brands.
 2: - is bad for the environment: you might have heard that the auto wash products and technique are not eco- friendly but it is not true. You save water as well the dirt’s goes underground and help the environment maintain cleanliness.
 3: - it’s expensive: using auto wash is expensive and yes it is true but when you get your car auto washed the shine stays for a long time and you don’t need to get it washed for at least 2 weeks. Few auto
washes give wash at fewer prices, so go for the one according to your budget.
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