Monday, 27 May 2019

Tanforan Shell San Bruno car wash gives its customers the best services.

So many of us are worried about the auto car wash and we think of saving the environment by taking the time to wash our cars at home rather then at a commercial automatic car wash. It is because of the myths that we have been hearing about the auto car wash. But they are not true actually auto car washes are eco-friendly as they save water and are done in the area where the environments are safe from the chemicals used while washing off the specks of dirt.

Tanforan shell’s customer service: - it is an automatic car wash where your car will be washed and you will have the best customer service experience without any complaint. After the wash when you drive back home or to your work you will be happy to hear people’s best compliments. Your car is in safe hand and there is no fear of having scratches on the car as the Shell looks after your car’s safety while washing the car. Here the products used are of good brands and so your car won’t look dull after the wash.          
After all, you are going to have the best customer service experience and will be happy to pay for getting your car washed.

The Tanforan shell is open for 24 hrs and it provides a wash code valid for 30 days. Provides three different types of car wash and so it is good for you, you can get your car washed according to your budget. There is a platinum car wash, gold car wash and the express car wash available and all of them coast differently but will give your car new and shiny look. To learn more about the auto car wash pricing in San Bruno click here.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Are you a car enthusiast? You would love auto car wash go for it.

What do you think is a car wash? Many of us think it is a process we get into a car wash garage and get out of it and the people responsible for the car wash cleans your car and then dry it. In the end, we pay them and ride back home. Yes, this is the process of the car wash but are you aware of the different types of car washes and its benefits. Let me tell you:-
1. Touchless car wash: - this process of car wash is done using the nozzles high-pressured water, then foam, then water again, rotating around you. After a while, your car will be getting dried up and you are done with your car wash. Advantage of this wash is it saves your time as well as water and the best part of this wash is that it keeps your car shiny for a long time period.
2. Waterless car wash: -the process is cleared by its name itself; this is the process of washing a car without water. They use dried chemicals waterless cleaning products that contain wax in just three simple steps: spray, wipe, and buff. The advantage of this wash is that you will not only save the water but also save you time. It gives your car a long lasting shine it is very easy to do you can do it yourself as well.
If you are a car lover, you will not mind spending more time washing your car to make sure that your car always looks excellent but it is always a better idea to go for an auto car wash as it will save you a lot of time. To learn more about auto car wash visit

Monday, 13 May 2019

Types of Auto Car Wash and Its Advantages .

Just like there’s more than one way to cook, to work, to learn things and all. There are so many types of auto car washes. But that doesn’t mean all washing methods are the same and gives the same result. They all differ from each other and bring out different outcomes. In this article, I am going to tell you different types of an auto car wash.
1. Touchless Wash: A “touchless” automatic method of car wash cleans your vehicle without brushes that mean without touching it. Instead, the entire wash is conducted with chemical cleaners, pressure washers, and pressurized air. But remember you are aware of the kind of chemical is to be used for your car must be safe for the car. Always check it beforehand. It is the fast and easiest way to clean your car as well as less expensive.
2. Automatic Wash: auto car wash is in which your car is generally moved into a conveyer belt, which leads you through a series of brushes and blowers. And your car is done with the cleaning it consumes time as well as it is not much expensive.
3. Waterless Wash: This is a kind of wash used when you are out and you don’t want to make the area around you polluted or at the time when you don’t want to waste water. In it, the cars are washed up with some chemical and then wipe it up with a microfiber towel. It takes less space and saves water car cleaning can be done very fast.
If you are in San Bruno or San Francisco and want to have a better car service experience then you must try a car wash in Tanforan Shell to know more about the service click here .

Monday, 6 May 2019

4 Common Myths about Touch Free Car Washing

If someone asks which is the best technique for car washing then I will only suggest the name of a touch-free car wash.  In my eyes, there is no method better than touchless car washing. It is quick and safe. The best thing about this way of car washing is the safety of the paint. It doesn’t cause any harm to the look of your car. The best thing about it is the affordability. It is economical that can be afforded by every middle-class man.  These are the quality features of a touch-free car wash in South San Francisco.

But despite these quality features of the touch-free car wash, many people oppose it. There are some common myths which have to decline in the popularity of this special technique. These myths are as follows:-

1. Waterless cleaners will scratch your car's surface

It is one of the big myths made by people that it causes scratches on the car surface.  In touchless car washing right techniques, a waterless wash, and the wax product is used which don’t damage the surface of the car.

2. Waterless detailing products aren't good for the environment

Naysayers argue that waterless wash and wax products aren't good for the environment since they contain chemicals that are released into the air and that run off of your vehicle during rainstorms.

3. All waterless wash and wax products are the same

There are several differences between all of the waterless car washes on the market. Some of them come in aerosol cans, while others come in bottles and separate spray pumps.

4. Waterless car washes will damage your car's paint

It's a common misconception that waterless detailing products will react with your car's paint and damage it. The truth is that waterless cleaner actually protect your vehicle's paint by sealing it with a resistant coating.

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