Friday, 10 July 2020

Touch Free Car Wash Eliminates your Worries

Touch-free car wash is all about detailing your car but not like any traditional car wash approach. The modern age has made us busy all the time, and car wash is a kind of task that demands your time, if not weekly then a monthly basis. But the bitter truth is that a car demands your time and you cannot ignore its maintenance even if you are super busy. 

Now let us talk about the car wash methods. If you have spent time in car wash station, you know that brushes can damage your car’s paint. This why many of us avoid and restrict car wash stations to use them. They are bad in the long run if there is not any visible damage to the car’s body at the same time.

I do not think that it would be an alien word if I say touchless car wash eliminates all these possibilities as it does not involve any kind of physical touch with the car. 

Many car owners with ample time often choose to wash their car themselves, but as I said above it is not a cup of everyone’s tea. It is time-consuming as well as inconvenient. A touch-free car wash is the cheapest, fastest, and best way to wash your vehicle.

A touch-free car wash is getting popular faster. It is around for quite a time now, but it is only recent times when the people are started looking at it as a faster and cost-effective way to clean a car. A touchless car wash is a laser car wash type that prevents your car from any damage during wah. It eliminates the use of human hands or brushes that keeps your car’s paint safe. For touch-free car wash services in San Bruno, visit Tanforan shell.

Friday, 3 July 2020

3 Tips that can Change your Car Wash Experience

Car wash is a very satisfying experience as it is not only cost-effective but makes you eligible dirty areas in more detail. Yet, to be that way you must have some technical and mechanical knowledge of your car. You cannot DIY without the right tool as well. Today, we would like to share 3 tips that can improve your car wash experience at home.

Tip #1 – Chemical Solutions

No one ever thought of this but hand wash or dishwashing liquid, they both are poor pickups for your car wash. Yes, even if they are great degreasers, they are not ideal for car paint. You can not see these drastic changes in a first wash but after repeated use of these chemical substances. So, the first tip is to use a cleaner made up especially for vehicles. These chemicals are available in all auto shops.

Tip #2 – Windshield Wipers

The windshield is one of the most important parts of a car’s safety. Thus, it is important to clean your car’s wiper blades. You will know when your windshield gets blurrier this is the right time to clean the blades. The process is simple. To give them a new look and remove all the dirt, make use of make use of fiber cloth soaked in white vinegar. Clean the blades a couple of times to the full length. Ta da – you have wipe blades as shiny as new.

Tip #3 – Do not forget the Tires

The silliest mistake that one could do is to use cleaning products on tires. These cleaning chemicals last longer than you expect and can be sprayed on your car’s surface while on the move. Do not try to give your tires a shiny look. This could be hazardous as it can affect the grip of tires which can lead to road accidents. Water is more than enough to clean the tires. Use a spray to rinse off the dirt from the edges. You can make use of cloth in some areas where it is harder.

Car wash at home is fun as well as exciting for car lovers and especially for those who have ample time on weekends. But there is some professional who does not have so much time. They need a time-efficient car wash than anything else. Touch-free car wash is the modern car wash method that is most suitable in this case. If you want to experience the future car wash method in South San Francisco, visit Tanforan Shell car wash. (An auto car washSan Bruno)

Friday, 26 June 2020

Car Wash Tips for the San Francisco Summer

Summer is here and that makes the car wash DIY more challenging for various reasons. It gets hot during summer months, especially in San Francisco. And you know a car wash is a regular thing that cannot be ignored for long.

We have complied and made a quick car washing tips for you when the temperature is at its peak.

Use the 2 or 3 Bucket System

We have heard it so many times that one bucket car wash is possible in summers. But, have you ever practically applied it or have seen someone doing same? It is not possible to do so without compromising with the quality. For example, if you are rinsing your sponge and getting soap out of the same bucket, how you would be able to clean the car with the clean water? Therefore, we suggest two or three bucket system where you make use of different bucket for your sponges, soap water and clean water.

Rinse Before Washing

This is important that will not only help saving water but makes your job a lot easier too. Rinsing your car before a full wash loosens the dirt which easily washes away with the use of sponge or towels later.

Do not forget to Wash the Wheels and Tires

Washing your car wheels is as important as the body of your car. Dirty wheels with a fully cleaned car will easy gather attention and that will look very silly. So, make sure you don’t forget them. Make sure to make use of sponge which not only remove the dirt from the corners and the edges but will help you complete the process with less water.

We understand that summer is harsh, and it is difficult to gather energy to do such laborious work in such time. If you live in San Francisco and are in need professional car wash that can be done in a quick around time, visit Car wash South San Francisco. We have made water conservation as one of our top priority.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Welcome to the Future - Laser Wash Car Wash

At Tanforan Shell Car Wash, we are thrilled and motivate to give you the best possible car wash experience. We have platinum, gold, and express car wash designed for different car wash needs. In all our car wash methods, we use the latest sensing technology to efficiently clean your car. We are proud to use only the best soap, triple foam polish, and new extreme shine wax in our wash. The most prominent advantage of laser car wash is its touch-free wash system which makes sure that your car comes out scratch less.

Stop by us today and see yourself why we are the preferred car wash services in San Francisco and the surrounding communities!

Our laser car wash services offer three types of wash options starting from as little as $9.99. Touch-free wash means no use of brushes and no use of rollers. The laser technology does not make only the washing part easy, but its sensors also make the opening and closing of washing bay entry easy. The touch-free laser wash process starts with the laser sensors operated arm circles applying soap and blasting off the dirt with high-pressure washing.

However, there is one limitation of laser wash. The wash type is not recommended for the old or damaged vehicles or the vehicles that are not well maintained. High-pressure water can wash out the paint from the damaged part which can worsen the condition of the car.

Keeping that aside, it is a preferable choice for a quick car wash lover. If you are in a hurry and you do not have time for hand car wash, this is the right option for you.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Pros and Cons – Touch Free Car Wash

There is no other auto wash method that is quicker and hassle-free like an auto car wash. There is more. What if I say this is the safest car wash method around for a while?

Keeping a car clean is important not just because it looks good, but it maintains the car’s value for longer which results in a higher resale amount when you want to sell it later. Why would anybody have interested in buying a car with faded paint? It has been seen that a poorly maintained car goes for 10-20 percent less than a well-maintained car.


As the name suggests, touch-free automatic wash does not include human hand touch. It reduces any probability of damaging the car’s paint.

The chemicals used in the auto car wash is guided by artificial intelligence. The system used in the auto car wash uses lasers that make sure that every step is done accurately. The system also makes sure that the whole process remains friction-free which is the main concern for paint damage.

Touch-free car wash uses an advanced technology which makes it superior to other methods in terms of efficiency.


Touchless car is not effective if your car is too duty. However, it is very rare when any customer has complained about the poor car wash. Though it is recommended if a car has rarely been used or have been completely covered in mud and heavy stains, then a touchless car wash may not be for you.

The whole process and its effects depend upon the understanding and use of chemicals in the car wash bay. That makes the operator's job the most critical. If operators are not well trained and have not understood the system working fully then it will only result in unhappy customers.


When you have shortage of time, an auto car wash is a perfect solution. The auto car wash uses laser wash technology that is both efficient and convenient for the driver.

For touchless car wash in San Bruno, visit

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

How to Wash Interiors and Exteriors of Car Window

Cleaning your car windows might not be the most entertaining part of the car cleaning but this is undoubtedly the most important when the rest of your car is shining. Car glass cleaning is not like washing other parts of the car. Most of the people still do not know ways to wash car windows without streaks. If you often find it hard too, follow these steps to keep the windows strain-free.  

san francisco car wash

Things that you need

There are some things that are required along with you while cleaning your car's windows and windshield. They are as follows:

  • A couple of soft microfiber rags
  • Hand towels
  • White vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol
  • Glass cleaner
  • Spray bottle for solution

Step by Step Method to do Car Window Cleaning


You had better start with the interior of the windows. Start with a clean microfiber rag and wipe the by moving hands top to the bottom.  It will loosen the dirt sticking to the glass. 
Take another microfibre rag and dip a part of it in the rubbing alcohol. Start wiping the window with the wetted portion. The white vinegar works just fine in case you do not want to make use of alcohol. It helps to dissolve sea salt on the windows and windshield which further helps in a cleaner look. 
Lastly, take the hand towel and spray some glass-cleaning solution on to it. Make sure the glass cleaning solution is not too less nor too much. Wipe the window running your hands from top to bottom. Then run your hand in a circular motion to remove all the remaining spots. Apply some gentle pressure on the surface while going for the last round of cleaning.
Do not forget to clean the top of the glass by rolling down the window.
Lastly, rub the window both vertically and horizontally with dry microfibre rag.

After the interior side of windows, cleaning the exterior side of the windows will be required.


Wash the exterior side of the car window with water and then clean it with a dry microfiber towel. Now, clean the surface with the solution. Do not spray it directly on the window but on the towel. At last, wipe the window surface in up and down and side to side motion.

To keep windows clean is as important as to keep other parts of the car clean. It not merely an improvement on the looks but improves visibility.

The Bonus TakeAways

Cleaning the glasses with overall car wash is just like the cherry on the top of the cake. Do not forget to polish the headlights and side mirrors. Do not forget to give a second check to clean the rear-view mirror to ensure that no residue is left unattended.

If you are looking for professional car wash service South San Francisco, visit Tanforan Shell Car Wash.

Monday, 27 April 2020

The Advantages of San Francisco car wash

Everyone is so busy in their daily life and they don’t have much time to wash their cars at home. So, touch-less car wash is the best option for these types of people because it is the fastest technology in the car washing business. It makes the car washing much easier and faster. It takes the car washing business to the next level. Tanforan shell car wash in San Francisco is the best place for touch-less car washing because they only use touch-less technique to wash cars. They are very experienced in this car washing business.

In some areas there is a lack of water and people are wasting a lot of water to wash their cars without caring about this water problem. So, touch-less technique is the best option for these types of areas because it is totally water-less technology. It uses a laser to wash cars instead of water. It saves a huge amount of water which we can use in other useful ways. It is the safest car washing technology because it is a fully automatic car wash and all the process is done by the robots. So, the chances of errors are minimized.

Now you don’t have to waste your time in standing in a queue for your car washing because touch-less car wash will take only 3-5 minutes for a complete car wash. It is totally scratch-less because in this process the brushes and rollers are not being used. Sometime the brushes and rollers may damage your car’s paint or give some scratches to your car. Some people think that it is very costly as compared to other car washes but let me tell you that it will cost you only $9. It is totally brush-less process. To know more about the San Francisco car wash, click here.