Sunday, 25 August 2019

Three steps to auto wash the car in corect manner

First and foremost thing to look after your car is to get it washed, cleaning it yourself is always good as you will be more careful about your property. But because most of us nowadays run a busy schedule and the car wash needs time. When it comes to washing your car is in San Francisco it’s not possible because washing car will waste so much of water as well as time. There’s a solution for that case get auto wash your car from a shell car wash in San Francisco.
Three steps to auto wash, the car at Shell washes:-
Washing your car before you actually wash your car:- prewashing the car is must; while most washes ignores it. But it is wise to prewash the car as it saves the car from swirls, scratches and getting defected.
Get it auto washed: - as soon as you are done with the prewash get it cleaned automatically to avoid any scratches. Always be aware of the products used to clean your car it must be of a good brand, choose or tell the washes about the products your car is suited to or your car may get its paints dull.
Rinse it up and get the car dry: - rinsing your car is important as it helps to remove the shampoos and lifted contaminates with water. Together with that drying your car up is important as well get dry.
Shell car wash in San Francisco is an auto car wash get your car washed from here at very low price rate and with the best service.  Shell wash gives laser wash, touch-free wash, and waterless wash and our service are very fast so you save time. To know more about our services get in contact with us by visiting us at

Monday, 19 August 2019

Three different washes provided at shell carwash in San Bruno

Getting your car auto washed is much safer than all other washes and is easy as well. Every car owners nowadays prefer auto wash because of its benefits such as  - it’s safe for the cars, it saves time, easily applied, is eco-friendly and the service is much faster because everything is performed by the machines. Shell car wash is one of the touchless wash providing company both in San Bruno and San Francisco; that gives three different washes for different prices. In this article, you will learn the different services and the prices of all the three washes of shell car wash in San Bruno.

Car washes and their prices:-

Platinum car wash
Our platinum wash at Tanforan shell is for $12 and it includes: 1st foam wash, 2nd foam wash, high-pressure wash, triple foam polish, high-pressure clear coat protectant, flash dry with spot-free rinse, extreme shine wax and power blow dry.
Gold car wash   
Gold car wash is the second wash which cost $11 and is as good as a platinum wash but if you want to save some money and get the same service it is good to choose a gold wash. The gold wash includes: 1st foam wash, 2nd foam wash, high-pressure wash, and triple foam polish, high-pressure clear coat protectant, spot-free rinse, and power blow-dry.
 Express car wash
Need to go outing and you just want your car to look good and need a wash express wash will be the best solution it is cheaper and the service provided is better. Get it washed just for $9 and it includes: 1st foam wash, 2nd foam wash, high-pressure wash, spot-free rinse, and power blow-dry. Express wash is good for the car’s that don’t have heavy dirt’s on it.
To know more about shell car wash and its services visit us at .

Monday, 12 August 2019

Where to Get the Best Waterless Car Wash Service in South San Francisco

Saving water is must these days isn’t it? While washing the car is important as well, there are two ways to do so; you can wash it of your own or get it auto washed and both will use water. But there is a solution with what you can save water as well as clean your car; that is through a waterless car wash. Waterless car wash is the new technological way of cleaning cars using special chemicals to wash and polish the car's surface. It helps to break down dirt and grime more effectively and is the best way to save water in South San Francisco.

Benefits of waterless car wash: - waterless car wash is the technique of cleaning your car without water it is easy to use and consumes time. Businessmen and so many others love the wash for several benefits of its; some of them are: -
  • Its eco-friendly protect the environments.
  • It consumes your time as well as the money.
  • Saves water
  • Helps you get your car washed without any damage to it.
  • Gives your car a long-lasting shine.
  • costs less

Waterless wash can be the best option to get your car auto cleaned when you don’t have time and you need to rush in your car. Always remember that it doesn’t work for such cars with heavy dust on it. It can really be used for the car without heavy dust on it.

Where to get the best waterless car wash service in south san Francisco

If you are looking for a waterless wash in San Francisco you can get the best services in so many autos washes, shell car wash in San Francisco is one out of them; to get more information about the services here  visit us at .

Monday, 5 August 2019

Reason Why Auto Car Wash Is Considered the Best in San Bruno

There are so many different kinds of car wash that needs to be chosen by the car owners that best matches their needs. Whenever you get your car for an auto wash you might have gone through the situation where the car wash owners might have brainstorm you and you got confused in making the right choice for your car. These happen to all so don’t worry let’s learn what is the right wash and can be helpful to you as well your car.
A car wash is important if you have one, washing your car regularly will help your car maintain its look for a long time. But if you can’t decide which one of all the washes are good for your car’s protection. let me help you touchless car wash or the automatic wash will be the best.

Automatic or the touchless car wash

Automatic washes are the one that cleans your car without touching it and it uses a conveyor system to take your car through a machine-run cleaning and drying process. Most of us don’t have so much time and so off course we don’t want to wait outside and get the car washed in 1 hour or something. Here auto car wash is the best way to save time and gets your car cleaned in a few minutes.
Benefits of auto car wash: - auto wash is a safer shell car wash in San Bruno says so because it provides touchless washes and we have so many happy and satisfied customers. Auto wash’s considered safer because there’s less risk of cosmetic damage to your car when brushes aren’t used.
San Francisco and San Bruno shell car wash is an auto car wash and here you get different washes for different prices and all of them will give your car a long-lasting shine. If you are still confused about what types of car wash will be good for your car contacts us at we will help you with your general inquiries.